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The transportation and logistics industry is currently experiencing double digit growth – and will remain so for a long time. People and goods will travel, no matter what. If you have a bus, a private car, a taxi, a truck or motorbike, the best way to achieve good returns on investment on your asset is to entrust it to a company with the right expertise. Entrusting your vehicle to an individual would often lead to disappointments and heartbreak.  

With our vehicle management and monetization service, stabus manages your asset in the most professional way and delivers the expected returns on investment through different means of commercialization.

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About stabus

stabus is a dynamic and innovative brand providing a wide range of services in the transportation sector including shuttle, vehicle management and commercialization, driver training and outsourcing among others.

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Employee transport

Move your team in the best way.

Car advertising

Advertise on trotros, taxis, Uber and Bolt.

Driver training and outsourcing

We train, manage and outsource quality drivers.

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