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Better commute experience for workers I was talking to some of our customers this weekend. While they enjoy our AC bus rides very much, the end-to-end experience was not the best: after alighting at their drop-off location, some of them have to walk 10-20 mins to their final destination. Others opt to take a cab. We want to change this. To improve the end-to-end experience for existing and new riders, we are introducing stabus for companies: same service but a superior experience.

What’s new? 

Our riders, who are mostly employees, work in companies that are usually located in clusters. In Accra, a large number of these companies are located at Airport, Circle, East Legon, Accra (Ministries) and Tema. Instead of deploying buses on generic routes (for example Tema to Accra), we will instead create new routes that connect to these clusters and work with companies to onboard their employees. With these new routes, drop-offs (in the morning) and pickups (in the evening) will be closer to our riders’ workplaces, thus improving their end-to-end experience. A practical example Company A and Company B are located at Airport, each of them having 30 and 50 workers, respectively. 7 of Company A and 10 of Company B workers live at Adenta. That’s 17 people commuting along the same route. We will create a new route that connects these workers directly to their workplaces — Adenta to Airport — in this case. Pricing We will charge GHS280/month* per employee. That’s GHS14/day. See packages below.


GHS 280/month per employee
  • Morning and evening rides
  • Monday to Friday
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Customised route
  • 18 km distance
  • Min. term: 1 month

Custom Program

Do you have more than 100 employees? Contact us for a customised plan. Contact

Feedback and questions

If you have any feedback or question, please write to me directly via email at Your feedback is important to me so get in touch. Isidore Kpotufe Founder, stabus *On average, the distance for a stabus ride is 18 km for which we charge GHS7/seat per trip. We charge GHS8/seat if the distance is 19 km – 23 km and GHS9/seat if it’s 24 km – 27 km. Contact us for custom pricing.