In honour of Kobe Bryant

You may have already heard the news that famed all-star basketball player Kobe Bryant died tragically yesterday in a helicopter accident. He was 41. Eight others also died, including his daughter, who was only 13.

The late Kobe Bryant didn’t just excel on the basketball court, he also achieved major successes in business. He made money by investing “small amounts” in startups. An investment from six years ago proved to be a huge windfall for the late NBA star. In 2014, Bryant bought a 10% share of sports drink BodyArmor. Coca-Cola purchased a minority investment in BodyArmor. Bryant’s initial investment of $6 million turned into $200 million with the soft drink giant’s investment. That’s only within 6 years! He also invested in online restaurant booking platform among 6 others.

A lot of people in Africa, especially those in the middle-class, don’t know how to make money work for them. They go broke in retirement. Or they still work so hard in their 40s chasing money. 

I hope that Kobe Bryant’s life on earth serves as an inspiration to you. 


Isidore; founder, stabus

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