Start a passenger transport business with stabus

The only thing you need to start a passenger transport business is minimum capital. We give you our brand, technology, team and support. 

About stabus

stabus is a transportation platform that connects passengers with private AC buses and enables them to ride across residential and commercial cities.

1. Passengers book seat via app at their convenience.
2. Passengers board the bus at their chosen pick-up bus stop 

Why stabus Franchise?

The passenger transportation industry is experiencing double-digit growth. And it will be so for a very long time. Leverage our brand, platform and network to tap into this growth.

What you get from us


No need to spend on building a new brand from scratch. 


We connect you with bus partners; so no need to invest in acquiring buses from the outset.


Your business runs on our technology, at no additional cost. 


You don’t need a team to launch. Our team is yours.


We provide you and your customers all the support you need.


We are constantly innovating. This means, your business will never run dry.  

What we expect from you

Financial commitment

There’s a minimum start-up capital and registration fee.  


To achieve success, you have to be growth-minded.

Commitment to stabus

You have to abide by the service quality requirements of stabus.

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