Safe and convenient bus transportation for workers

Move your workers to work and back home, safely.

How we help your workers

We provide safe and AC bus rides to workers, through an app using private buses. stabus is the best alternative to “trotro” and budget-friendly alternative to Uber and Bolt. To provide a reliable service to passengers, our buses leave on specific schedules and whenever possible use shortcuts, enabling our customers to get to their destinations on time.

stabus is designed for every team

Custom pickup

Custom pickup and drop-off

Morning and evening rides

Morning and evening rides

Free WiFi

Free WiFi

No additional fees

No additional fees

Trip distance

Dedicated routes

Why partner with stabus ?

Protect your team

Protect your teams against the coronavirus and other diseases by adopting safe transport modes such as stabus.

Good company image

Present your company to employees and the rest of the world as a modern organization that cares about people and the environment.


No need to spend so much on buying or leasing buses, not forgetting the costs of maintenance, insurance and driver salaries among others.

Increased productivity

Research shows long and stressful commute negatively impacts on employees’ productivity. Our buses are air-conditioned and use shortcuts, taking out stress and reducing the time it takes to get to work.

Some forward-thinking organisations that trust us

GB Foods Africa
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