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Driver Application

  • What to know before you apply

The application is in two stages. This is the first stage. If you qualify, we will invite you to our Driver Training and Certification program. The fee for the Driver Training and Certification program is GHS 150

The fee includes:

  • Training
  • Certificate
  • Job placements
  • After placement support

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You deserve more


Life-long membership

Once you become a member of stabus, we post you for quality driving jobs as long as you are with us.


Be professional

The job market for drivers is highly competitive. Stand out among your peers with our training and professional certificate.

Be respected

Be respected

The driving profession can be rewarding, but only when you get what you deserve. We negotiate contracts on your behalf so you get the best deal, always.

Don't be stuck

Don’t be stuck

No matter what type of driving job you choose, the sta company can help you secure it, not just once but as many times as you need it.