COVID-19: safety measures

In the wake of COVID-19, we have taken some measures to protect the stabus community.


Our drivers have been instructed to stock their buses with paper towels, bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfectants. Kindly follow hygiene directives while boarding the bus.

Wear a mask

Every passenger is required to wear a face mask before boarding the bus.

Reduced capacity

Our buses will no longer be filled to capacity to observe social distancing protocols. In most cases, we will allow 2 passengers per row.

Doing the right thing

We will discontinue any bus whose passenger(s) display(s) any of the following symptoms: – Fever – Cough – Runny nose- Shortness of breath.

Be informed

Here’s a good source to learn more about the virus (link: Don’t consume bad information on social media.

Protect yourself

Finally, wash your hands often, eat fruits and vegetables to strengthen your immune system. If you feel ill or notice anything strange concerning your health, call any of the following numbers: 055 2222 004, 055 2222 005, 050 9497700, 055 8439 868. These are the hotlines for coronavirus in Ghana.

For your safety 

We are offering companies discounted rates for employee transportation services. We will transport your employees to work and back home in a hygienic and private bus. Use stabus to protect your workers and customers in these times.

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