Let's manage your car

Our in-house transport and tech team takes care of your car 24/7 around the clock. We offer scheduled maintenance and provide a guaranteed revenue of GHS1,200 to GHS2,000 a month depending on the condition of the car.

We manage the car. You earn money

What you get

Means of commercialization

Depending on the mechanical and aesthetic (body) conditions of your car, it can be used for the following commercial means: on-demand rides with Uber and Bolt, carpooling and rental.

There are two levels of contract

Vehicle management

stabus operates and monetises the vehicle for the partner as long as we have a valid contract. 

Work and Pay

stabus operates and monetises the vehicle for the partner for a fixed period of time after which ownership of the vehicle is transferred to the beneficiary driver. 

How does it work?

Sign up

With your car details on our website.

Sign agreement

We inspect the car. Then you sign an agreement.

Make money

We list your car on the platform and you start making money.

Car requirements

Why partner with stabus ?

Guaranteed sales

We provide guaranteed revenue to vehicle owners and partners. No excuses. No question asked. 

Cost-efficient technology

Our product is designed to help vehicle partners save money on fuel and maintenance.

Vehicle tracking

Protect the quality of your car or fleet by installing the stabus tracking device.

Trained drivers

We train and manage our drivers directly. We can fire a driver and replace them in an instant with another one because we have the Pool. 

Other services

Bus management

Make between GHS2,000 to GHS9,000 a month with your bus.


Truck management

Make between GHS1,200 to GHS5,000 a month with your truck.

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