This article was written by Sena Aku Adde for stabus. She’s a big fan and we can’t wait to deploy a bus on her route.

I have been bruised and wounded, I have had my clothes torn and ripped off, I have had to endure sweaty smells from drivers’ attendants, and I have been squeezed up with 3 other people in seats meant for 3. If you have never experienced any of these or had to hop between at least 3 vehicles before arriving at your destination, then you are probably part of the wealthy minority who do not have to depend on public transport, ‘trotro’ to be specific. But for the rest of us, this is our story. The services of public transport are one of the worst in Ghana, yet a necessity majority of the population cannot do without. Although taxis and Ubers are comfortable, they come with the demerit of being costly, especially taxis, unlike the ‘trotro’ that are very affordable but very uncomfortable. For many people, this is our daily means of conduit to work, school, church, and all other functions. How then can we avoid the smells, the stains, the bruises, and every challenge associated with public transport?

There is good news for us and it’s stabus! stabus is the ‘trotro uber’ we have been waiting for and needing without knowing it. They provide us with the opportunity to actually plan our day based on the benefit of having a specific time for bus arrivals. Travel time can actually be estimated. Moreover, these buses are fully air-conditioned. The best feature of this service in my opinion. Again there is the added advantage of security and safety, in addition to the comfort. Companies are also welcome to contact them for shuttle services for their employees.

If you haven’t checked stabus out yet, you probably should. On my part, I can’t for the availability of a bus on my route. The short distance from Dome to Spintex, becomes a long journey through Dzorwulu to 37 Station before boarding another bus to Spintex. Unbelievable right? Lest I forget, just like Uber and Bolt, if you have a bus in good condition, you can register it with stabus to be used for their transport services. Also, if you are a certified driver, you can register to drive their buses. Join the stabus family, and say goodbye to stressful mornings and evenings.

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