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stabus is a dynamic and innovative brand providing a wide range of services for the transportation sector including shuttle, vehicle management and commercialization, driver training, management and outsourcing among others.

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The status quo

In most emerging markets such as Sub-saharan Africa and South America, public transport has been losing ground each year to private car ownership. Users frequently experience inadequate public transport operations with often overcrowded and over-aged buses and stations, resulting in extremely poor quality services. Meanwhile, the use of private cars and ride-hailing apps for commuting increases traffic congestion as well as pollution in cities. Every year, countries lose hundreds of millions of dollars to traffic congestions.

How we help

Our solution incentivises commuters to park their cars and ride with stabus because of the convenience and comfort it offers: app-based booking, comfortable and AC buses, reliable departure and arrival times. Beyond this, we help to create jobs locally (drivers, delivery agents), reduce CO2 emissions and shape the future of public transport with data and research.


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