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stabus offers technology-enabled and unique transportation services for the modern economy.

Driver training and outsourcing

Get trained and connected to quality driving jobs.

We manage buses, taxis, Uber cars and trucks.

Stop searching. We are the answer

Get a bus ride with stabus

Employee transport

Move your team in the best way.

Car advertising

Advertise on trotros, taxis, Uber and Bolt.

Vehicle management

Vehicle management

We manage commercial vehicles.


A bus transportation service with class.


Hourly, daily or long-term rentals.

Driver training and outsourcing

We train, manage and outsource quality drivers.

Bus ride

What we do and our vision for the future

Stabus is a dynamic and innovative brand providing a wide range of services for the transportation sector including shuttle, vehicle management and commercialization among others. 

Man going to work with stabus ride

Partner with us to build the future

We are building a transportation platform for the future for Ghana and other emerging markets. We can’t do it alone. We work with bus owners and investors to deliver on our mission.

stabus is safe and comfortable


Ride in a comfortable, hygienic and air-conditioned bus, disinfected regularly.

Bus ride


No need to queue or fight to board the bus. Just buy a Pass in advance.


We are always improving and innovating based on your feedback.

We want to be your daily transportation platform.

Bus Passes starting from GHS70.


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