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We manage buses, cars and trucks for vehicle owners. We offer guaranteed revenue to our vehicle partners. No question asked.

Building a sustainable transport sector

Your problem

You have bought a vehicle – a car, a bus, a van or a truck – with the expectation to make money from it by commercializing it. That’s a good thing. We all know that. But, entrusting your vehicle to an individual almost always leads to disappointments and heartbreak. That’s to say by handing over your vehicle to a random driver, you are putting your investment at risk.

How we help

At stabus, we work in partnership with vehicle owners and investors to guarantee your returns on investment by commercializing your vehicle in the most profitable way while ensuring the highest level of maintenance. We manage buses, cars and trucks using technologies and offer guaranteed monthly revenue.

Our services for vehicle owners

Bus management

AC and low-cost buses. 


Uber/Bolt car management

Work and pay available.


Truck management

Delivery and pick-up trucks.

Our consumer and business services


AC buses, on schedules. 


Daily, weekly and long-term.


Employee transport​

Enjoy premium commute.

Driver training and outsourcing

Certificate in Professional and Commercial Driving

Certified Transport and Logistics Manager

stabus is safe and comfortable


Ride in a comfortable, hygienic and air-conditioned bus, disinfected regularly.

Bus ride


No need to queue or fight to board the bus. Just buy a Pass in advance.


We are always improving and innovating based on your feedback.

We want to be your daily transportation platform.

Bus Passes starting from GHS70.

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